Blue-Cat Bindings

$19 USD

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    Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced Riders

    Blue-cat bindings are the perfect affordable solution to strapping into a streetboard.

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    One size fits most

    Tested range: USA-1 to USA-11

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    Material: PP Webbing

    High strength polypropylene webbing with Velcro (hook and loop fasteners).

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    Easy to Install

    Compatible with all Ascent Streetboards. Installation directions included.

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Ascent Blue-Cat Bindings are the best bindings for the intermediate level rider. The bindings offer great strength and stability for a very low price. Package includes 8x hardware bolts, nuts, and washers, and 2x complete bindings. The bindings are easily installed on any Ascent Streetboard. The upgrade from Blue-cat 1 to Blue-cat 2 is to include additional hardware to make the bindings compatible with most streetboards. Blue-cat 2 bindins are now compatible with Ascent, DImension and Gazpacho.