Featured Products

Icecream 2

  • Ideal for Kids
  • Size: Small (45cm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • MSRP: $119


  • Ideal for All Riding Levels
  • Size: Med,Large (50,55cm)
  • Material: Wood
  • MSRP: $159

Blue-cat Bindings 2

  • Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced
  • Size: 1 size fits most
  • Material: PP Webbing
  • MSRP: $19

About Streetboarding

It moves by aligning the power of your body with the direction of your feet. You do not ever need to step off the board to move. For more information see “learning to ride” (Coming Soon).
It takes about 20 minutes to first move the board. After you get the hang of it, it is no harder than other sports. It does look really cool though.
Yes, you can. You can go up-hill and down-hill as easily as a skateboard. As long as you can keep the motion of your body going with your feet you can go pretty much anywhere.
The easiest way to stop is stepping off the board. However as you get better you slide to stop; similar to stopping on a snowboard.
You do not need bindings to make the board move. In fact while learning it is not recommended you use bindings. Bindings allow you to go faster and do jumps. The downside is that your feet are locked in so you cannot step off.
Falling is never fun, but it is best to be prepared. If you fall over, you will most likely land on your hands. This doesn’t hurt very much, but it can start to bruise. While learning, it is recommended that you wear wrist guards. This protects both your hands and your wrists which allows you to stay out riding and getting better. When you start doing tricks, it is best to wear all of your pads: knees, elbows,helmet, and hip pads. Remember, the less you get hurt, the more streetboarding you can do. If you don’t like the look of pads just wear them under your clothes; that is what I do.